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In re Donald and Jane Nichols

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Gil-de la Madrid v. Bowles Custom Pools & Spa (In re Gil-de la Madrid)

1st Circuit No. 14-2340
Bankruptcy court affirmed.
Procedural context:
Appeal from an order allowing an apparently untimely proof of claim.
Appellant Madrid filed a chapter 13 case. On the trustee's motion, the case was dismissed. However, Madrid sought reconsideration of dismissal, which was granted and the case reinstated. While the case was dismissed, the deadline for filing a Proof of Claim ran. After the case was reinstated, the bankruptcy court reset the claim filing deadline, and appellee Bowles filed a claim. Madrid appealed, claiming an error of law, but the District and Circuit courts affirmed.
Thompson, Hawkins (of the 9th Circuit, author), and Barron.

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