Inmarsat Global v. SpeedCast Intl

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22-20274 (5th Circuit, Aug 03,2023) Published
The 5th circuit held that the contracts that were at issue were not ambiguous. And, the definitions of critical terms contained within the contracts (that were the central focus of the disputes) were also unambiguous. Accordingly, extrinsic evidence was not considered, The lower Courts’ rulings in favor of the Debtor/Appellee were affirmed.
Procedural context:
Appeal l from the United States District Court for the Southern, District of, Texas
Prior to the bankruptcy filing, the parties to the appeal entered to a series of contracts. After the bankruptcy, the Debtor asserted it could not comply with all of the terms of the contracts, and the parties entered into a settlement agreement, consisting of two additional documents: an Asset Sale Agreement, and a Deed of Termination and Release. The bankruptcy court approved the settlement, but a dispute subsequently arose that centered around whether certain of the critical definitions in the contracts were ambiguous or not.
Barksdale, Southwick and Higginson

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