King v. Blackman (In re King)

(11th Circuit, Dec 31,1969)
Affirmed ruling by bankruptcy court denying Debtor's discharge under §727(a)(4) - for knowlingly and fraudulently making a false oath or account with respect to the case. Holding the bankruptcy court did not err by denying Debtor a discharge when it found the omissions were intentional and his testimonry evasive and inconsistent. Also holding Debtor's other two complaints were meritless -(i) bankruptcy court does not have to include findings of fact in its written order, and (ii) bankruptcy judge did not abuse his discretion by questioning the Debtor and commenting on the evidence.
Procedural context:
Appeal pro se from final judgment of bankruptcy court denying discharge under §727(a)(4).
Debtor's statement of financial affairs and schedules omitted certain assets and interests held in entities and trusts. Bankruptcy court denied discharge under §727(a)(4) after finding Debtor's omissions were intentional and that Debtor made false oaths with respect to the existence of financial records and about his examination and approval of the statement of financial affairs and accompanying schedules.

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