Lardas v. Gricic, et al.

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15-1685, 15-1704, 16-2913, 16-4210 (7th Circuit, Feb 03,2017) Published
Stemming from long-running litigation between the parties, the court affirmed the judgments of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois that dismissed a claim for fraudulent inducement for lacking standing, denied the chapter 7 debtor's discharge, denied a "motion to reopen", and dismissed the appeal of the sale of an interest in property by the chapter 7 trustee as moot.
Procedural context:
Appeals from four related cases from the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois involving chapter 7 debtor Christofalos, his aunt Lardas, and creditors Grcic and associates.
The cases began with litigation arising related to the ownership of a shopping plaza brought by Lardas against Grcic and associates, which was dismissed for her lack of standing. This was followed by the chapter 7 filing of Christofalos and the chapter 7 trustee's sale of the estate's interest in certain potential claims and the interest in the shopping center to the Grcics and the appeal of the sale for being for "too high a price" by Christofalos without requesting a stay pending appeal. In addition, the judgment against the debtor in an adversary proceeding filed by creditor Kienlen (one of the Grcic associates) denying Christofalos a discharge under 727(a)(4)(A) for knowing and fraudulently omitting assets from his statements and schedules. Finally, the denial of Christofalos's attempt to "reopen" the case originally brought by his aunt.
Wood, Easterbrook, Hamilton

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