U.S.A. v. Kerr-McGee Corp. (In re Tronox Inc.)

Tronox spans more law, this time on finality regarding injunctions.

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16-343, 2017WL1403001 (2nd Circuit, Apr 20,2017) Published
a.) Claims derived through a debtor are estate property which only a trustee can assert; b.) District Court order on a contempt motion which enforced existing injunction but made no contempt finding nor sanctions award was not a "final order" subject to immediate appeal
Procedural context:
Appeal from order enforcing injunction but not finding contempt or awarding sanctions
Despite settlement of adversary proceeding which included an injunction, 4300 tort claimants sought to revive a state court action against an entity spun-off from debtor. Entity moved for contempt.
Kearse, Wesley and Droney

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